Baby 101

Everything you need to know about bringing your new baby home. Includes hands-on practice.

  • Emotional preparation

  • Getting your home ready

  • Basic care: cord care, temperature-taking, nail filing/clipping

  • Sleep and your newborn

  • Soothing techniques

  • Diapering

  • Baby-wearing

  • Time management

Class is 2.5 hours


Baby 101 + 1 (or 2!)

Everything you need to know about bringing your new babies home. Includes hands-on practice.

  • Emotional preparation for multiples

  • Getting your home ready

  • Basic care: cord care, temperature-taking, nail filing/clipping

  • Sleep routines/nighttime feeding for multiples

  • Soothing techniques

  • Time management

  • Resources for multiples

Class is 3 hours


Successful Start to Breastfeeding

Learn how to have a successful and rewarding breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

  • Why breastmilk is the perfect food

  • Benefits for mom and baby

  • Bonding

  • Feeding cues

  • Latch and positioning

  • Demand and supply

  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough

  • Importance of self-care

  • Maternal nutrition

  • Troubleshooting challenges that arise

  • Realistic expectations for sleep

  • Community support

Class is 2.5 hours



Well Mama

This pregnancy and postpartum health and wellness course consists of 3 separate classes which can be taken anytime preconception all the way through your first postpartum trimester.

Class 1

Turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning. This class focuses on lifestyle, attitude and exercise at every stage of pregnancy.

  • Stages of pregnancy

  • Healthy lifestyle changes

  • Safe and effective exercise

  • Role and impact of mom’s attitude

Class 2

Making healthy nutrition choices for mom and baby before, during and after pregnancy.

  • Nutritional needs during pregnancy

  • Choosing quality, pregnancy-safe foods

  • Healthy weight gain

  • Mastering cravings

Class 3

Make a smooth transition from pregnancy to motherhood. This class focuses on the needs of mom and baby during the first few postpartum months.

  • Postpartum nutrition and exercise

  • Bonding with baby and spouse

  • Nutritional needs while breastfeeding

  • TLC for new moms

Each class is 2 hours.

$175 per class individually or $450 for all 3


Pump it Up

Using your pump to simplify your life.

  • When and why to pump

  • How to use your pump

  • Protecting your milk supply

  • Milk storage guidelines

  • Pumping for back-to-work

Class is 1.5 hours


You Are Now a GRAND Parent

Congratulations, you’re going to be a grandparent! Things have changed since you became a parent, and we’ll catch you up. In this fun and informal class, you’ll learn the “new rules” of parenting, which will help you support your grandchild’s parents.  

  • Up to date information on caring for newborns

  • Supporting the parent’s decisions and desires

  • How to effectively give parents a break

  • Being helpful as a long-distance grandparent

  • Caring for baby in your home/their home

Class is 2.5 hours


Infant/Child Home Safety Visit

Nothing is more important than the safety of your children!  Take comfort as our Safety expert (International Association for Child Safety) walks with you though your home and makes safety suggestions and a plan for every room

Visits are between 2-3 hours



Looking for Professional Training?

CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula Training and CAPPA 20-Hour Certified Lactation Educator Training